Friday, March 18, 2016

Civaux: CGT invective Emmanuel Macron – pass the New Republic

Minister of Economy was greeted by a large delegation of activists CGT on arrival at Civaux. However, he wanted to go walk in the central

Riddle. What is the difference between the CEO of EDF, Jean-Bernard Levy and a militant of the CGT? Answer: the former may tu friend and appropriate Minister Emmanuel Macron. The second, no.

“I am out of the car to talk to you. It is useless to me or insult me ​​tu “ replied the Minister of Economy and Labour has one of about 300 protesters who were waiting yesterday morning at the entrance to the central Civaux who had launched him: “You want the death of the workers! “

New charge against the social compromise

The decor is camped for this ministerial visit that rounded up in Civaux CGT came from all western France. The CGT is raised, after the denunciation by the Minister, there is one week before the National Assembly of “social compromise” that reigns within EDF. Rise but disciplined: the leaders of the Federation Mines and Energy, organizer of the demonstration, announced a hedge we dare call of honor welcome the procession but the car of the Minister may enter the plant where waiting officials, including the CEO of EDF, Jean-Bernard Lévy.
But to the surprise of all, Emmanuel Macron stopped his carriage in down and faces up to the hostility of protesters. For long minutes, with a certain panache, the minister faces the insults and attempts to answer the questions.
It makes you wonder if the main purpose of the visit was not precisely this confrontation with EDF employees. Certainly, Emmanuel Macron made a quick tour of the facilities, led by the director of the plant, Louis Bellegarde; Certainly, the minister discovered with interest the new electric shuttle without driver who will tour the site.
But we particularly note the visit, officially scheduled as part of the Industry Week, long minutes passed, first with the protesters, then with employees invited to meet the Minister finally with union representatives.
We also retain Emmanuel Macron is not a man to recant, not hesitating to recover a layer of “social compromise”: “wage policy at EDF was disconnected in recent years from reality. The social compromise was too generous. It is better to be an employee of EDF as a subcontractor SMEs coming to work here. The state will take its share of responsibility but everyone must do his or her part. I do not want to be blindfolded. “

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