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Brazil: supporters of ex-president Lula denounced a “coup” – The World

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Offended by the searches, Lula spoke of a  circus

His loyal supporters will not budge. Their idol, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, known as “Lula”, president of Brazil from 2003 to 2010 and most humble defender is a “political prisoner” . The press, the opposition, the bourgeoisie conspiring to ruin his possible candidacy in the upcoming presidential elections. All this is nothing less than “coup” , they say.

Friday, March 4, stunned by the judicial operation started at dawn against Lula, activists ranged from denial and revolt. Ready to do battle with those who applauded the misfortune of man Member State of the Workers Party (PT, left) to the sound of “panelaço” (pan noise) and joy.

It was six in the morning when the police searched simultaneously, the home of the former trade unionist in Sao Bernardo do Campo, in the outskirts of Sao Paulo, one of the Fabio Luis Lula da Silva said son “Lulinha” in Moema – one of the upscale neighborhoods of the Brazilian megalopolis – the seat of the Institute Lula and the premises of two business buildings and public works Odebrecht and OAS. Two groups involved in the sprawling corruption scandal linked to the oil giant Petrobras

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After being taken Congonhas airport to be heard by the court, without being subject to detention, man is freely left three hours later. Quiet, the former president will be annoyed once when he had to justify bills pedal would have paid his wife to decorate a house which he denies being the owner.

” I felt prisoner this morning, “

No fewer than 200 police were mobilized in this spectacular operation ordered by the judge Sergio Moro, in charge of the investigation called” Lava-Jato ” (express wash) which exposed the rigging of tenders issued by oil company Petrobras for the benefit of construction companies by buying the policy of complicity. The Crown prosecutor, equivalent prosecutors, Carlos Lima justified this “show” judicial, prepared in secret, to avoid clashes between pro and anti Lula. A body of evidence “significant” to suspect the involvement of Lula and his family in case Petrobras, he said.

According to the prosecutor, 60% of donations to the Institute Lula originate the five largest companies in the scandal wet. The same financed 57% of the sums paid for conferences of former leader. In total, justice investigation on the payment of 30.7 million reais (7.5 million euros) and called for the lifting of bank secrecy of the accounts of the former president and his companies. Lula would be one of “main beneficiaries” of the Petrobras system, insisted the prosecutor denying currently an investigation into President Dilma Rousseff, the PT also.

Lava-Jato prowling around the former president for months. Day after day, the Brazilian press distills judicial leaks as much evidence against him. There was this particular triplex, located in Guaruja, popular resort Paulistas, Lula and his wife Marisa Leticia, planned to be the owners. The improvements, supposed to meet the couple – like this particular elevator – were paid by wet construction groups in the scandal before Lula and his wife will waive the purchase

Offended,. former metal worker speaks of a circus “media” and a show “pyrotechnic” to tear it down. “I felt prisoner this morning” , has said he played his past as a former political prisoner during the dictatorship (1964-1985). Man pleads not guilty and alleged a conspiracy. He angrily lashed to the authorities, the media and the opposition. Prior to show bravado: “I have nothing to fear”

Dilma Rousseff evokes an interpellation “unnecessary”

. in the evening, in tears before the PT militants gathered in the center of Sao Paulo, he recalled its balance sheet: “under my government, blacks began to be respected, suburban youth too. (…) The minimum wage increased. It bothered the elite. Bankers have also won, but workers have not gained as much [with me] “.

Embarrassed, president, Dilma Rousseff, who was his protégé, expressed its disagreement with the methods of justice, citing an interpellation “unnecessary” .

is the disgrace of Lula consumed? Prevail there in his fall the PT? The man has overcome many trials and got up various scandals since he entered politics in the 1980s his political future and the future of the PT are now played largely in the street. To win the battle of public opinion, the machine of the PT is started mobilizing his supporters on social networks with the keyword #povocomlula the people with Lula, promising events on 8, 18 and 31 March.

Some of the Brazilians, supporters of the left and the most modest could follow former President tempted to believe in the manipulation of justice by leading media hostile to the PT, said political analyst Carlos Melo , professor at the Institute of Insper graduate of Sao Paulo. The country is in economic and political turmoil. Unpopular and isolated, Dilma Rousseff, elected in 2014, is under threat of impeachment. It is easy to imagine that the opposition has an interest in bringing down the government and destroy the “myth Lula” to get rid of a serious opponent.

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But the shady business to the former president are numerous. In a country plagued by corruption, former steelworker appears suddenly like a politician like the others. And the Moro judge is a busy man. The Lava-Jato investigation advance at a run. The term of the prosecutor referring indices “significant” is strong, said Stephane Monclaire, professor of political science at the Sorbonne. A magistrate is rarely reckless in the choice of words, he said in conclusion: “Lula is very, very fragile”



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