Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Automotive: the French market accelerates its growth in February – Le Parisien

The German manufacturer Volkswagen has also continued to gain ground (+ 7.7%) despite the fixing scandal engines.
Total of 166,739 new passenger cars were put on the roads last month in France.
the french car market and enjoys a boost following a 3.5% increase in January in the wake of a 6.8% increase (in 1.91 million units) for all of 2015.
“Even if we take this calendar effect, with one day more than in February 2015, the beginning of the year is marked by a rather sustained pace, “says Flavien Neuvy, head of the Observatoire Cetelem automobile.
“We find in terms of volumes to pre-crisis levels,” he noted stressing that for the same month, sales remained below the 150,000 units over the previous three years.
The return marked Automobile dealerships since the beginning of the year could meet the threshold of two million vehicles sold in 2016, according to the specialist.
“The fundamentals are good since the bull market is not based on something artificial as a tax incentive or scrapping. We must be cautious but it’s encouraging,” said Mr. Neuville.
– symbolic threshold for electric –
While diesel sales were slightly again in February, the decline of this once ultra-dominant operator in France is confirmed: this type of vehicles attracted only 52.76% of car buyers since the beginning of the year, against 58.84% for the same period in 2015.
Meanwhile, electric cars now exceed 1% of the market with 3,275 units sold in January and February, against 1,704 vehicles
beginning 2015. “This is a symbolic threshold that is particularly noteworthy that in a context of low oil prices,” says M . Neuvy. Hybrids and electric combined now account for 4.89% market share, against 3.78% in early 2015.
Over a month, the Peugeot 208 facelift in 2015 remains the most sought car, followed by the Renault Clio, who snatched 2nd place at the PSA Peugeot 308.
in fact, the three brands held up well, sales of Peugeot increasing by 10.2%, those of Citroën 9.3% and those of the mark oriented “luxury” DS 8.5%. at the
Renault competitor cars to diamond attracted 9.9% more customers while registrations of the trademark “low-cost” Dacia jumped 33 , 7%.
VW group, which consolidates its position as the leading foreign manufacturer with 12.23% market share, is pulled up by higher sales of Audi (+ 20.3%), of Seat (+ 13.9%) and Skoda (+ 46.4%). Volkswagen sales they marked a setback (-1.9%).
Ford group climbs to second place in volume of foreign manufacturers, with registrations up 6.1%. It is followed by the Japanese group Nissan (+ 11.8%) and Toyota (14.7%).
The German manufacturer with American roots, Opel, gaining 25.8% year on year, surpassing little BMW volumes (with Mini), which increased by 20.6%.
Fiat Chrysler (FCA) is also shaped (+ 16.1%), taking advantage of the increased interest in his Fiat (+24, 5%) and Jeep (+ 29.6%).
tail rank lie the south Korean group Hyundai (with Kia) and German Mercedes (Smart), whose sales rose 22 respectively , 5% and 6.6%.


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