Sunday, March 20, 2016

Air traffic controllers strike: 5 airports disrupted Sunday and Monday – Le Parisien

Vincent VERIER | | Update:

Troubleshooting which multiply, staff who lower and obsolete technical equipment. Two unions of air traffic controllers, UNSA-ICNA and CFDT, called the strike from today until tomorrow night to denounce the lack of resources. Impact on air traffic, several flights should be delayed or canceled for two days.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has asked airlines to cut 20% vol programs during forty-eight hours on five airports: Orly, Nice, Lyon, Marseille and Beauvais. The platform of Roissy-Charles de Gaulle should be relatively spared. Unions and hear sound the alarm bell.

“Our facilities have more than thirty years and are no longer adapted to traffic today denounced Bertin Laurent, national secretary of the UNSA- ICNA. There are growing numbers of failures that did not meet before. “In November 2015, the traffic at Orly is interrupted for half an hour because of a problem on the computer system that manages the weather and running Windows 3.1. An operating system launched in 1992 and which Microsoft stopped the updates in 2001.

“It’s not like rail with

 Brétigny accident, but we take the direction “

A few weeks earlier, it is the air traffic control centers en route air navigation Brest and Athis-Mons who are deprived of aircraft flight plans they have to monitor. In 2014, on the platform of Aix-en-Provence, the screens to track aircraft suddenly become black. Finally in Bordeaux, in 2013, it is the system which prevents a risk of collision between two aircraft falling in the harbor. The two aircraft accident is narrowly avoided. “It is not to be alarmist, says an air traffic controller. But we have less and less confidence in our technical means. “

According to the UNSA-ICNA, in the space of five to six years, the number of air traffic controllers have fallen by over 10% to approximately 3,800 agents. “At Roissy, for lack of personal, one is forced to ask the aircraft must land in Paris from between fifteen and thirty minutes late for them to be taken care of in time on arrival, notes Laurent Bertin. It’s not even like rail accident with Brétigny, but we take management. “A very alarmist. When contacted about this by our newspaper, the DGCA was not able yesterday to answer our questions.


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