Sunday, March 20, 2016

Air controllers strike this Sunday – Le Figaro

VIDEO – From 16 hours and until late evening, the theft rate canceled at Orly airport will rise from 20% to 50%. The unions denounce the lack of resources and “considerable technological backwardness” of the tools used by controllers.

The traffic in the Paris airports were disrupted Sundays, especially at Orly, due to a strike by air traffic controllers set to continue Monday, which also caused delays and cancellations at other French airports. “We had to leave at 14:35. It was written on the screens that the flight was maintained, but we learned that in fact the flight was delayed 4 hours, “Sophie gets angry Leost, a passenger departing from Roissy to Barcelona. “Nearly 40% of flights are delayed” in Roissy, according to an airport source, while the airport has an average of 1,400 flights a day. “There is no communication, the company should at least give us to drink, but it is nonexistent and as we have already passed the checks, you can not go and complain at the counter! It is assumed that this is related to the air traffic controllers strike, but as we said nothing to us …, “Ms. Leost.

Around 19h Sunday our colleague Le Figaro, Anne Cheyvialle, waiting always in Air France flight bound for Africa, information on a take-off slot, two hours after boarding. The flight already more than five hours late.

At Orly, where the movement started by the UNSA (third traffic controllers union in) “has hardened in early afternoon” only 50% of traffic was assured Sunday, according to another airport source. “There are more and more of cancellations, but it is mostly domestic flights that are impacted. The flights to Outremer are maintained, but accuse delays 3 to 4 hours, “said the same source. The situation began to “become complicated.” “A lot of people are waiting in the terminal, especially since it is a Sunday charge,” worried the same source. Air France and asks his passengers whose flights have been canceled, not to go to Orly.

Sunday, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) has asked airlines to reduce 50% extra for their Orly flight schedules, planned the same day between 4:00 p.m. and 23:30, because of the strike movement “particularly monitoring.” A decision that adds to the appeal it launched Friday the companies to reduce by 20% their flight programs in five airports (Orly, Beauvais, Lyon, Nice and Marseille) in anticipation of the strike is to last 48 hours.

Monday DGAC asked to bring in a third reducing their flight program on Orly and Marseille, while “20% reduction programs flight to the airports of Lyon, Nice and Beauvais is maintained, “said she said in a statement.

Sunday morning, delays of 20 to 40 minutes were recorded on average in six French airports . The most important concerned the Marseille airport where the recorded average delay was 40 minutes. In Toulouse, Bordeaux and Orly the delays averaged half an hour and 20 minutes at Roissy Charles de Gaulle and Lyon, according to DGAC.

The UNSA-ICNA (20 % of the vote among 4,000 air traffic controllers) protested against “the decision to accelerate the enrollment decline” in 2016, “passing the departures replacement rate from 80% to 65% (which) appears totally disconnected the operational needs of the control centers “while” all traffic forecasts now show significant growth prospects “.

the union denounced in a statement the” considerable technological backwardness “of the tools used by french air traffic controllers and the “lack of investment”, which “leads to breakdowns increasingly frequent with direct implications in the security chain.” Air traffic controllers’ require the DGAC it acquires the means to achieve these technological revolutions that she can not postpone, “continues the Unsa, who wants the government to” ensure, as promised, the recognition and financing of the DGAC of missions. ”


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