Tuesday, March 15, 2016

According to INSEE, the economy in France is based on 3000 business – The Point

According to a study published Tuesday by INSEE, the French economy is essentially based on fewer than 3 000 companies, which concentrate 52% of value added and 70% of investments in France. According to the Statistical Institute, which is based on 2013 figures, this hard core of 3000 companies realized an added value of 509 billion euros, or 52% of the value of principally market sectors and close a quarter of french gross domestic product. These companies, which employ 5.1 million employees in full time equivalent, or 20% of total employment in France, have also concentrated in 2013 83% of exports and 70% of investment.

the industry still essential engine of the national economy

of these 3000 companies, 240 are large companies, 2030 of medium-sized companies (ETI) and 590 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) – the latter being most often, according to Insee, the legal units with investment of larger structures, including joint ventures. Almost 40% of them are also industrial companies, said Insee, stating that “industrial enterprises remain a key driver of the national economy, even if the industry in France to a slow decline.”

trade (560 firms in 3000), business services (390) and transportation and warehousing (170) are placed behind the industry in terms of employment, to value added and exports. According to INSEE, who lived in 2013 some 3.3 million businesses in the main market sector, excluding agriculture and financial services, the vast majority of these companies (3 million) “contribute relatively little to the value added and investment “in the sector.


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