Friday, March 18, 2016

Abdeslam arrest: what to remember the press conference – The Point

Francois Hollande is expected that Belgium extradited “as soon as possible” to France Salah Abdeslam, a suspect-key attacks in Paris arrested Friday in the Belgian capital after four months on the run. “Salah Abdeslam was under a European arrest warrant. I have no doubt that the French judicial authorities will send soon a request for extradition” and “that the Belgian authorities will respond as favorably as possible, the quickly as possible, “said the president at a press conference with Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel in Brussels.

the logic extradition

Belgian side, this extradition does not seem to be in doubt: “it’s normal (…) that Salah’s extradition and that the French courts deal with the case,” said the Belgian Minister of the Interior, Jan Jambon, asked about the private television RTL-TVI. He stressed that the most serious charges against him were committed in France. François Hollande, as Charles Michel, confirmed the arrest of “Salah Abdeslam with two accomplices.” “Salah Abdeslam was positively identified,” said Hollande. The French president stressed that those involved in the attacks in Paris were “significantly more likely” than envisaged initially. “Those that we must understand is everyone who helped organized or facilitated the attacks (in Paris in November) and we find, without going into details, they are much more numerous than we have a moment to think and identify, “said the French president.

exceptional defense Council

Francois Hollande has also announced that he would convene Saturday morning at the Elysee a Defence counsel, promising to “continue and continue” the fight against jihadist networks. “Our fight will not be over tomorrow morning and, taking into account information made available to me, I will convene the Defense Council,” composed of the ministers responsible for security and the main French security officials, said Hollande. US President Barack Obama called Hollande and Charles Michel for “congratulations” after the arrests. “We had the opportunity to speak by phone with President Obama,” said Charles Michel.


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