Sunday, April 3, 2016

Resumption of passenger flights at Brussels Airport under surveillance – RTBF

This Sunday that passenger flights resumed at Brussels National Airport. In addition to standard safety regulations, other controls have been put in place. An estimated 230 the number of passengers will take off, 250 people will land on Sunday.

Twelve days after the attacks that killed 35 in Brussels, the first passengers trod again on the airport tarmac. Faced with the new security measures, forcing them to make a long journey before boarding.

Before recording a pre-check-in serves first checkpoint. According to our reporter on the spot, the police are strict about the steps to follow while remaining very cordial. Same feeling from the vis-à-vis the airport staff passengers: “ This atmosphere is needed to overcome fear Although the atmosphere is special is n. ‘. not used to seeing the desert airport . ”

The three flights this Sunday will be operated by Brussels Airlines and will to Faro, Turin and Athens.

This restart, even partial, is a sign of hope and our desire not to let us down , “said Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport.

No Kiss & amp; Ride

the additional security measures include the installation of an ANPR camera, allowing automatic reading of license plates on airport access roads.

the control of cars and passengers on the road of the airport building will also be made, explained the spokesman of the Federal Police, Michael Jonniaux. “ Some cars will be removed from the traffic to be subject to a thorough check “, has he specified

All entries in the airport will temporarily via the parking lot 2, the kiss & amp. Ride is temporarily closed. For now, access is only possible by car or taxi. The bus and train services to the terminal will not resume immediately.

Before they enter buildings airport, a passenger systematic pre-control and their baggage will be also conducted. Attendants will have, for their part, no access to temporary departure hall of Brussels Airport

Joint patrols. – Composed of military and police – Extra will also set up near and in the Brussels airport building, Mr. Jonniaux said.

Brussels airport advises passengers to reach the airport three hours in advance

passengers will take off in the coming days of the Brussels-National airport should ideally be present three hours before their flight airport terminal, advise Saturday Brussels airport Company and the Federal Police. In addition to standard safety regulations, other controls have been put in place.

800 passengers per hour

Starting Monday, the number of operated flights should gradually increase to about 5 to 6 flights per hour. “ This will also depend on the speed at which airlines can organize to go from Brussels Airport ,” added the CEO.

The temporary departure hall is currently able to handle 800 passengers per hour, or about 6 flights, according to a simulation conducted during the week.

Zaventem airport was “ technically ready ” to a partial resumption of passenger flights since the green light Thursday received the fire services and the Directorate General of air Transportation (DGTA).

This recovery, however, faced a strike threat by the police unions airport demanding enhanced security measures. A consultation carried out on Friday night between the police union representatives and the firm Ham finally allowed to reach an agreement, paving the way for a reopening.

measures concerning the arrival area

for passengers arriving in Brussels: the luggage can be picked in the reclaim area, this area having been only slightly endommagée.La procedure was evaluated based on the simulation held last Tuesday

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