Sunday, April 3, 2016

Paris – SNCF will circulate armed patrols on trains – The Express

Our security officers will have the right to move, armed and in civilian clothes, in trains, through Savary Act “, effective Wednesday, said the official interviewed during the “ Great Rendezvous ” Europe1 / Le Monde / iTV.

This patrol ” or “ Train marshal ” like the “ sky marshals ” present on some lines airlines will be “ authorized, trained to shoot ,” said Mr Pepy.

While the SNCF previously had agents who could use their weapons only in uniform, these agents will be civil. “ The principle is that we do not see ,” said Guillaume Pepy.

After a controversy over cost, Mr. Pepy also confirmed that the type of airport security gates would be kept on departure and arrival of the Thalys.

I maintain the Thalys security gates ,” said Mr. Pepy denying having mentioned their uselessness at a parliamentary hearing, as had been reported Senator Alain Fouche (Republicans, LR).

The attacks, including the bombing of the Thalys we were all shocked and stations can be a target ,” said Guillaume Pepy.

Other security measures provided by SNCF, the images of surveillance cameras will be constantly monitored by a security center. Besides the luggage searches, SNCF also has thirty-sniffing dogs and twenty profilers units responsible for identifying potential suspects.

The Savary law, published in the Official Journal on Wednesday will also allow “ a clampdown on fraud ,” said the president of the SNCF.

The SNCF agents will retain an offender for an hour before the arrival of law enforcement, refusing for example to pay a fine or to give his address. To improve the collection of fines, SNCF will check the addresses from the administration.

Finally fraud portals are experienced, especially at Montparnasse station.


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