Monday, April 4, 2016

The craze for the Tesla Model 3 raises doubts –

At one minute after midnight Monday, April 4, the internet site of Tesla Motors servers had recorded the deposit of any 276.000 orders for the new Tesla Model 3. Never seen for a car to 100% electric powertrain and another success credited to the very media entrepreneur Elon Musk.

It is true that his latest creation collects all the attractions. It promises quiet and virtuous movements, an official autonomy 350 kilometers on a full load (that is 100 km better than the Nissan Leaf), five real seats and two baggage compartments, a huge tablet connected to the body and a very pleasing lines. All for a remarkably low price advertised off bonus to $ 35,000 in the US, or 30,000 euros .

Yet all is not rosy. Analysts doubt that the advertised rate floor entitles the princely equipment enjoyed by pre-production copies revealed to the press on April 1, 2016 (see our article). By the admission of Elon Musk on Twitter, the definition of the car could change by its marketing. For now, Tesla Motors refused to detail the staffing of its Model 3 is good but nothing to disprove what seems like common sense.

The Tesla € 30,000 will like to Dacia € 5000: Rare

false tongues say that the American manufacturer has no interest in calm popular enthusiasm for the announcement of the imminent arrival of the one in which he sees “ a compact sedan that the Model S at a more affordable price . ” It is common knowledge that the young company lost close to one billion euros of cash last year. Therefore, it was urgent to demonstrate to current and future shareholders as work progresses well underway around the implementation of the model to allow Tesla Motors tenfold its production 2020. each Model 3 reserved and each deposit of thousand dollars received wants an encouragement to investors of the viability

the objective is clear:. it will generate 200,000 cars per year 2020 against 50,000 in 2015. the plant Tesla Gigafactory to 1.6 billion euros has been calibrated to spit every year “ equivalent production World lithium-ion batteries in 2013 . ” But many analysts doubt the Tesla Motors’ ability to achieve its objectives in a timely manner.

Their skepticism is based on the brief history of the company that marketed with nearly three years late the recent Tesla Model X. Before it, the big sedan Tesla Model S has suffered – and still suffer, according to the testimonies frustrated owners – cascading failures . The forums are full of pages detailing the infiltration of water and air by seals door or badly plated roof, capricious door handles, or control units replaced several times. Not to mention the gap between announced and actual power (read our test: Tesla Model S, the real figures). Paradoxically, wealthy clients Tesla tolerates surprisingly well these defects. It is likely however that the buyer of the future Model 3 does not have a personal fleet of several replacement vehicles.

From specialist Tesla wants to mass producer

Tesla Motors responds to these criticisms by stating that it has reviewed its working methods and the precipitation of the first hours gave way to put better procedures. They would approach those used in the automotive industry that Elon Musk recently criticized even its inertia and gravity .

Nevertheless, we can not imagine how a as young company Tesla Motors – whatever their financial means – will meet in a short time and long experience dearly purchased by the Japanese Nissan, for example. After five years of career, his sedan Leaf given to 250 km of autonomy still appears at a price of 33,000 euros. With mechanical reliability much higher, until proven otherwise.

As for US giant General Motors , having staked everything on its electric Chevrolet Volt range extender, it is about to plunge into the arena of all-electric with the strike force that characterizes it. Bolt Chevrolet and Opel Ampera e-data for 320 kilometers between two full charges are announced around 30,000 euros excluding bonuses

false tongues. – Always they – suggest that the arrival of General Motors in the field of beautiful electric car, roomy and inexpensive very concerned about Tesla Motors and its investors. Why else choose to show its Model 3 nearly two years before the date of actual marketing?

Let’s hope for Tesla Motors that the enthusiasm of motorists worldwide will continue long enough to help to finance its ambitious growth program. After all, who among the old established manufacturers would argue that the itching powder thrown by Elon Musk does not help them advance themselves?


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