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Paris, April 2, 2016 – Orange / Bouygues Telecom “missed opportunity” for the CFDT, “not bad news” for … – The Express

In a context of increased still need significant and necessary investments in the fixed and mobile speed, the failure of these negotiations puts a sudden stop to a sustainable yet inevitable restructuring of the sector telecoms in France “write the two unions in a statement of their federation, the CFDT-cultural communication consulting (F3C).

The CFDT considers the operation to fail as a “ missed opportunity ” that “ increases the risks for employment in the sector and reduce the risk of investment capacities of all actors at a time when all the digital industry panels are a major issue for tomorrow . ”

For the CFDT Bouygues reconciliation “ could have been an opportunity to reclassify all employees Bouygues Telecom, Orange stabilizing the sector and ensuring sustainable maintenance of employment “said the federation, adding:” Bouygues Telecom employees now have only one choice: the strategy + + stand alone (solo, Ed) . ”

At Orange, the alliance “ could create value ‘,’ guarantee investment issues ” and “ socially copy “to the end” better address future industry consolidation in Europe “continues the CFDT.

For the CGT federation of communication, on the contrary, the failure of negotiations “ not a bad news ” because “ it was above all to a financial transaction to a capital takeover for special interests . ”

She believes that the “ 10 billion planned in the operation must serve the investment and employment “, including funding a portion of “ fiber plane “.

Sud PTT also expressed in a statement its “ concerns ” for the sector’s future after this failure, although he feared the “ consequences use “of a marriage with the risk of” duplicates . ”

According to the South, “ the future should not be reduced to some arrangements between representatives of a financial oligarchy ” and “ social emergency that deserves State is the guarantor of the future of investments in the public interest . ”

Orange and Bouygues announced Friday the “ end discussions ” for the redemption of the telecom subsidiary of the industrial group by the incumbent, explaining that a “ agreement to a reconciliation could be found . ”

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