Saturday, April 2, 2016

Elisabeth Badinter calls for a boycott of Islamic clothing – Le Point

This week, the Minister of Women’s Rights, Laurence Rossignol, blasted brands that sell Islamic clothing, saying they were “irresponsible” and made “a certain point of view the promotion of confinement of women’s bodies. ” Faced with Western brands developing Islamic outfits, Elisabeth Badinter believes meanwhile that “there is only one answer: the boycott.” For the philosopher, specialist of the Enlightenment, there is a true “regression” women’s rights “in some areas” where imams “the most retrograde won the”

Q. Why soutenez- Nadia Remadna you, the author of “How I saved my children,” denouncing the influence of Salafism in some suburban neighborhoods

A: Because it is clear and courageous. When she tells the daily life of women and children who live a few kilometers from the center of Paris, it feels like another world. I consider Remadna Nadia, along with a growing number of Arab-Muslims who speak out courageously intellectuals, are the current representatives of the Enlightenment. She calls women, silenced by the injunction of the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist imams to take their destiny in hand. As for those who treat the Islamophobic, I find this unacceptable. This is not feminism, that’s politics, insensitive and contemptuous against women

Q. Nadia Remadna she embodies a revival of feminism, but a popular feminism , “from below”

a: feminism for women of all society. The most privileged or those of the middle class saw satisfy a number of claims; today those freedoms and gender equality are more accessible to women in certain neighborhoods. It is normal that they are mobilizing to be treated like any French. They want to benefit from the laws that have been passed and changes in mentality that benefited women. I think all women need to be free and the most obvious criterion of a modern democracy is gender equality. Nadia Remadna fights for law enforcement and just wants to stop the decline of which women are victims. I am struck by the fact that in 70-90 years, girls of Muslim origin were in the ascendancy: they wanted to get out, work, and do it better than men. I myself taught in Paris and I remember that my students of North African origin were also working as brilliant. They wanted to gain independence. I saw this in a generation conquest phase. “Neither whores nor submissive” embodied a modern feminism; religious radicalism had not yet appeared. For 10 or 15 years, there is a 180 degree turn. The girls are asked to stay home, to obey their father, their brother and this reversal materialized by the end of this movement; it was a sign that the most reactionary imams had won the game

Q. Is it consistent to say feminist and defend the veil

R: definitely not. As for the so-called Islamic feminists , they forget that, by way of equality they should stay home, that inheritance is divided by two in Muslim countries and polygamy permitted in the Quran they allegiance. In regard clothing brands that want to sell Islamic dress, there is only one answer: the boycott



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