Tuesday, April 5, 2016

By choosing Patroller for the army, the state strengthens the sector of tactical UAVs – Le Monde

A Patroller drone  Sagem in Montlucon, on 31 March.

the future of tactical UAVs through Montlucon. Tuesday, April 5, the defense minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian visited in Allier to notify the firm order for fourteen unmanned aircraft, the same place where they are produced. The contract of 350 million euros awarded to Sagem includes the supply to the Army in 2018 and 2019, two tactical UAV systems, each consisting of seven devices called Patroller and their maintenance for twelve years.

These aircraft intelligence and real-time monitoring, nicknamed sometimes “the head of the eyes” as they used to prepare the movement of troops or locate targets, will gradually replace the Sperwer still serving in the army. These drones at number twenty-four, designed and manufactured by Sagem in the early 2000s, were used for nine years in Afghanistan.

This relationship did not guarantee anything-Contract by french industrial. It took two years of fierce competition before the choice is made in January, the Patroller rather than Watchkeeper Thales.

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Initially, the drone of Thales was given favorite. This Franco-British program had the support of Paris and London, who planned within the framework of the Treaty of Lancaster House, 2010, to acquire the same tactical equipment. So when the French, in the wake of the British, decided in 2014 to renew their surveillance aircraft park, they turn to Thales ….


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