Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Alexandre Juniac, the boss of Air France-KLM goes –

During the past three years at the head of Air France-KLM group, its pugnacious CEO, Alexandre de Juniac, but sometimes unwelcome straightened a group that was arriving at the limit of the stall. Arriving with the ambition to raise its group in the global top three commercial aviation, Mr. Juniac is about to leave him with little satisfaction to have straightened the handle of a company that has returned to profits in 2015 for the first time in seven years.

“Straighten boxes, I like it,” he confided with a surprisingly natural in July 2015, when he had just announced yet another Train savings. A pleasure, therefore, but has its price: under his rule, social tensions peaked, especially with the drivers. The two-week strike in September 2014, which was right in his draft European low-cost subsidiary Transavia Europe, is still remembered.

Just like the picture, disastrous and now world famous, Xavier Broseta, director of human resources, topless, torn shirt by employees at a works council in October, after the announcement of new cuts. Detractors criticize its methods of riders recovery, cutting swords in the workforce: only at Air France, 5,500 positions were eliminated during his tenure. “In terms of trust and social dialogue, there has been more effective,” says Veronica Damon, General Secretary of SNPL first pilot union of the French company.

“Alexandre de Juniac had managed to crystallize its name a number of resentment, “says Beatrice Lestic, of the CFDT. “From the outset, we saw that it was a mercenary who had no sense of belonging to the company,” said for his part Miguel Fortea, leader of the CGT in the company.

ENA, Bercy, piano and sailing

His appointment early 2013 not yet had nothing of a parachute: then head of Air France for over a year, was the heir apparent to Jean-Cyril Spinetta, and has worked to implement the restructuring plan Transform 2015 voted under his predecessor.

the franc verb, sometimes dry, diplomat son went through Polytechnique, ENA (Michel de Montaigne promotion) and the State Council, started in the office of Nicolas Sarkozy, then budget minister, before beginning a slow rise in aeronautics. After a stint at Thomson SA (now Technicolor), he joined Sextant Avionics in 1997 and joined in 1999 Thomson-CSF, soon after renamed Thales.

He stayed for ten years, leader from 2004 division “aerial systems” group, then from 2008 all activities in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. In 2009, he returned to Bercy as Chief of Staff of the Minister of Economy Christine Lagarde, a position he held until June 2011, before landing at Air France in November.

the public Service ethics Committee had not seen any obstacle, unlike his candidacy for the succession of Anne Lauvergeon as head of Areva, retoquée late 2010 as deemed “incompatible” with his duties Bercy. By joining before 1 August heaven less turbulent association International Air Transport Association (IATA), which represents all airlines in the world, it will move away for the first time the French public and broader public sector (the French state owns just over 17% of Air France-KLM).

a father of four, passionate piano, this jazz and rock player has long produced at parties and on the sidewalks of the boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris during the Festival of music, the orchestra “Limonart” – short for “artisanal lemonade.” On salt water, he devotes himself to his other great passion, sailing, sailing off the Var coast on a boat called Pera, Greek name of a district of Istanbul meaning “beyond.”

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