Guillaume Pepy, Chairman of SNCF, in La Plaine-Saint- Denis north of Paris, 11 March 2016 – ERIC PIERMONT AFP

no responsible SNCF has given “to say anything but the truth” statement in the investigation of the railway disaster Brétigny-sur-Orge (Essonne), who killed seven people in July 2013, said Sunday
 . Guillaume Pepy, Chairman of SNCF

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“I’ll say extremely cleanly, extremely firm. I assert here that no member of management, nor I obviously have not given instructions to anyone to say anything but the truth. I am committed, “he said while being questioned during the” Great Rendezvous “Europe1 / Le Monde / iTV.

” The SNCF is responsible for this accident . She is responsible morally and legally. But legally, it will be the justice to say it, “he said.

Le Chained Duck in particular was published in February reports that SNCF would briefed employees before their hearing by the court.

to explain these meetings, the SNCF president stressed that “the Labour code provides that when an employee is summoned by an investigating judge, his employer should help prepare her audition “

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Also if justice demonstrated that “at one place or another there have been initiatives by such a report has been corrected, a paper that has not been shown, a computer that would have disappeared, “then” justice take judicial sanctions, because it is known to obstruct justice, ” -t he detailed.

Mr. Pepy added that there would be in this case a “double penalty” since “people, whatever their level, will be excluded from the train.”

The derailment in Brétigny train Paris- Limoges, occurred July 12, 2013, killed seven people and wounded dozens, due to a splint – sort of large clip on the switch – which a crack was not detected during tours of monitoring and including three of the four bolts were broken or loosened